Push & Indicator Stations

We are able to supply a range of standard size surface mounted and flat plate landing units, which are suitable to house most types of pushes and indicators on the market. Simply fill in and return a standard order form (the usual lead time is 2/3 days from receipt of order).

Alternatively, if our standard size units are unsuitable, we provide a customer specific order form on which you can request any width, height or depth to house any equipment you may be using (with a lead time of 6/7 working days from receipt of order).

In addition to basic styles, we can produce any type of special/bespoke design from architects/designer impressions or sketches. We also manufacture lecterns and pedestals to house touch screen floor destination group systems.

Please contact one of our team to discuss your requirements or to request order forms.

Free standing post push unit   Flat plates   Various flat plate and surface mounted units

frame wall mounted
  Surface mounted
indicator unit
  Intermediate surface mounted push unit (visualisation drawing)

Leather panel clad pedestal for touchscreen (visualisation drawing)   Surface mounted
indicator and push unit (visualisation drawing)
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