Car Front Returns

Existing car front returns can either be re-skinned or replaced with new bolt on sections to accommodate door operator upgrades and with advancements in technology can now incorporate floor destination indicators for floor designation group systems and LCD information screens.
Front returns can be manufactured in satin, polished, patterned or coloured stainless steel and brass. Larger returns can be clad with the same material used for the interior panels whether they are in metal, timber or glass and can be framed with a slim profile stainless surround fitted to the entrance reveals.

Please click on the links to view full ranges from the following companies;

Rimex for coloured and patterned steels
G Tex for coloured and patterned steels

White back painted glass cladding with slim profile
stainless steel surround

  New satin stainless steel returns incorporating LCD information screen
Pattern stainless steel new bolt on sections
  New satin stainless steel returns incorporating floor destination indicator.
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